We provide the following relocation services for our clients:

  • Prepare and Provide Weekly Updates of a Relocation Checklist
  • Assist in Preparation of a Relocation Budget
  • Participate in Meetings with Architect/Space Planner Regarding Design of Offices
  • Serve as Tenant Representative during Construction of Build-Out. This Includes Participation in Meetings with Contractor's Construction Coordinator, Landlord Representative, Architect/Space Planner, Tenant's Real Estate Broker, Building Engineer, and Staff Members
  • Recommendation Regarding the Hiring of a Moving Company and Review of Move Proposals
  • Work with the Company’s Telecommunications Vendor with Respect to Moving, Cabling, and Installing Telephone / Voicemail System, and Ordering Telephone Lines
  • Work with Company’s Computer Vendor with Respect to Moving, Cabling and Installing Computer System
  • Prepare Existing Furniture Plan Indicating Utilization and Placement at New Location
  • Assist Company in Selection of Finishes and New Furniture
  • Prepare Color Coordinated Move Plan, Coordinate Packing and Tagging of Furniture, Furnishings and Files by Company Employees, and Prepare Individual Furniture Plans by Location for Movers
  • Coordinate Preparation of Punch List with Contractor’s Construction Coordinator, Landlord Representative, Architect, and Tenant's Real Estate Broker
  • Coordinate Physical Move with Moving Company
  • Coordinate Cut-Over of Telephone Lines and Computer Network on Moving Day
  • Conduct Walk-Through and Create Punch List of Items Remaining To Be Completed

We have over 25 years of experience in move planning and interior design. Typical projects include coordinating construction for and moving law firms, assisting a post-production company with construction issues relating to build-outs, space planning and moves in 4 locations, and coordinating construction for and moving a business management firm.

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